The Photo Album

My parents holding me at maybe 3 months old.
My marvelous husband since 2011. I love living life with him.
My grandfather Jack, who has been gone since 1993 and I still miss every single day.
My dad and stepmom at my wedding in 2011. She passed away in 2015.
My husband and I in Florida right before the pandemic hit the US.
My husband and I, along with his two brothers and their wives, at his middle brother’s wedding in Denmark (June 2022)
My mom’s cousin, who’s real name is Charles but we call him Pistol, and his wife Linda.
My (half) sister Madison, who is twelve years younger than I am.
Liz, my common law cousin/soul sister/confidant and ass kicker supreme.
The bestest grandmother ever.
My second cousin Lisa, the maternal family member I am most like. We can go months without speaking and then when we finally get to catch up we don’t even miss a beat.
The first kid to call me Auntie Em.
This is what a modern family actually is. The Originals (what I call my biological parents), my Dad’s partner Michelle, my husband and I.
The Claire to my Ouiser.
My MIL on a cruise in 2017. I’m one of those rare people who love their partner’s parents. She’s one of my biggest cheerleaders in health, school and work.