Ink on the Page

Why Me?

I have a journalism degree and am currently getting my MFA in Creative Nonfiction. For many years I was a journalist, so I have written extensively. Eventually I evolved into writing essays for websites, the best (in my opinion, at least) which is linked here.

Copywriting (with my byline)

Content for your website? Blog post for your company? I’m your girl!

  • 100-250 words: $50
  • 250-500 words: $75
  • 501-750 words: $100
  • 751-1000 words: $125
  • Turn around time for pieces under 1000 words is 5 days.
  • Anything over 1000 words is priced on a case by case basis.


(no in depth editing, just grammar/spelling)

  • $5/250 words, up to 20,000 words (turn around time: 5 days)

Co to the contact form to email me if you want my services.